Tuesday, December 18, 2012


      And now he sits in a solitary cell far below the reaches of light wondering the time and waiting on the guard. With a loud groan the heavy set door moves into a check position the guard peering through before walking on. At the far end of the hall his voice echos "Kyle is ready for release send the gnome" this was followed with a small bell jingling above the cell door. A shot time later Kyle become aware of  the sound of a key being twisted in the lock making him jump to his feet, forgetting the vomit,  he found no footing and took a hard fall to the floor of his cell. The small food hatch swung open but this was no foo delivery, instead of a food tray coming through the slot all there was to be found were a pair of eyes, starring like those of a mad man.

Friday, December 14, 2012

ohhhhhh shiny bit of work

    In a small iron cell a tall heavily muscled man is awakening to a rude surprise. Laying there in a pool of his own vomit, he opens his eyes slowly. It takes a moment for his them to adjust to the darkness that surrounds him. Propping him self up on his elbow he looks around trying to piece together what happened the night prior, from what he remembers he puts together that he was at the Drunken Cow, when this new guy comes in looking to pick a fight with an easy target. Unfortunate his hands ended up on Nathan, who normally would have been able to bring this guy to his knees with ease, but a long night of drinking had affected his fighting ability abilities. Staggering backwards into an orc who took great offence to the action, and with that a brawl started, the bounty hunters VS everyone else.The next thing he remembers is cold iron on his face.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ONE..... There it's Up..... Happy....I Thought So

    In a world called Barjaki in the kingdom of Owslet in a small northern town far from the capital of Leetsmire there is a gathering taking shape in a small unassuming clay hovel.but it is not a meeting of normal folk these.... things were once people of the light protecting the people of this world, but they were eaten by the corrupting force that is the dark magic, They once fought. It is late when they gather only a few townsfolk move through out the town doing what the can to say out of a late summer storm, that has just moved in. The rest lay asleep locked tightly within their homes. This most unholy meeting will have dire consequences for all of Barjaki ... perhaps even rekindling the fires of old magic grudges, almost lost to this frigid nation. Unless a hero could be found he would need to be brave and noble or at least able to wield a sword. And there is just such a hero sitting in a prison far south of Kliot in a town that has a.... name.