Thursday, December 13, 2012

ONE..... There it's Up..... Happy....I Thought So

    In a world called Barjaki in the kingdom of Owslet in a small northern town far from the capital of Leetsmire there is a gathering taking shape in a small unassuming clay hovel.but it is not a meeting of normal folk these.... things were once people of the light protecting the people of this world, but they were eaten by the corrupting force that is the dark magic, They once fought. It is late when they gather only a few townsfolk move through out the town doing what the can to say out of a late summer storm, that has just moved in. The rest lay asleep locked tightly within their homes. This most unholy meeting will have dire consequences for all of Barjaki ... perhaps even rekindling the fires of old magic grudges, almost lost to this frigid nation. Unless a hero could be found he would need to be brave and noble or at least able to wield a sword. And there is just such a hero sitting in a prison far south of Kliot in a town that has a.... name.

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